UV Care Germ Guard

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When it comes to the health of our families, we will stop at nothing to ensure their 100% protection. In these changing times, we are not only relying on a healthy lifestyle to keep ourselves and our loved ones healthy; we are also using products that could control our environment on a microscopic level. That is what UV Care is here for!

Eliminates up to 99.9% of harmful germs, viruses, bacteria and molds

Perfect for sterilizing rooms and spaces for homes, offices, schools, clinics, and hospitals

It can effectively sterilize an unobstructed surface area of 20 sq meters

Sterilization Time: 15/ 30/ 60 Minutes
One-Button Operation (Red-15 mins/ Green-30 mins/ White- 60 minutes)

Safety features include a 360° motion sensor (8 meters) and 30-second time-delay. Be sure to keep people, pets, and plants out of the room during sterilization.
Lamp Life: 10,000 Hours (approximate)
Lamp Wattage: 38 Watts
Rated Power: 38 Watts
Power Supply: 220 V
With 1 Year Local Supplier Warranty