Attipas Sneakers Pink

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Size: Small
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Attipas helps your baby's brain development: In a 7 year research from Korea, they found walking barefoot on grass for 1 hour a day increases the brain and muscle development of baby. Attipas' soles mimic the feeling of baby walking barefoot on grass.
Safe & Non-toxic: No hazardous materials and no glue or adhesives, no use of Formaldehyde.
Outsole is made out of silicon: same material as teething toys and nipple bottle
Non-Slip: First ever non-slip shoes for kids
Convenient: Strong, Smooth, Machine Washable, Fast-Drying.
Breathable: Superior, breathable fine holes release heat (International Patent).
Big Toe Box: Free toe movement to improve cognitive and motor development.
Lightweight and Flexible: Super lightweight, just like wearing socks!
Attipas Shoes are made in Korea

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