Aprica Yuralism Auto Premium Plus

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The new cocoon sleep design and its 4-sleep inducing atmospheres of the Aprica Yuralism Auto Premium Plus keeps mosquitoes away, and helps your baby sleep more soundly than ever before.

Built-in multi-purpose mosquito net that keeps your child protected, while reducing sunlight or indoor lighting to promote sound sleep. The net can be used when the Yuralism is in a flat-bed position only.
UV-canopy that blocks light to 99.9%
4 sleep inducing atmospheres€”no canopy or net in the morning, with canopy in the afternoon, use canopy and net in the evening, and use only the net at night. The suggested sleeping period in the Yuralism is only 3-4 hours a day
3-swing modes and 6 swing speeds, to recreate the swing frequency closest to a mother's hug
Includes the Newborn Holding Pad, that wraps or swaddles your child, and the U-shape Leg Support Pad, made with Coolmax, keeping your baby comfortable and protected
Usage is recommended from birth to up to 18kg